Good Travel Agency Marketing Strategy

Travel agencies have the unique opportunity to be the first point of contact for travelers. The travel agency team is able to build relationships with clients and offer their expertise on destinations, hotels, transportation, and other travel needs. The easiest way for a travel agency marketing to market itself is through social media. You can use your social media platforms as another sales tool by sharing interesting photos from your travels or even live videos from events that you attend.

Travel Agency Marketing Create a Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page for your travel agency marketing and one for each destination you offer. Then use these pages to promote destination-specific offers, specials, and events.

You can also use Facebook’s advertising platform to target people based on location in order to drive them back to your website or social media profiles (ex: “People in Los Angeles who are interested in Paris”).

Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

  • Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and it’s a great place to share content with your followers. You can also use Facebook Live to broadcast events, interviews, and other types of video content.
  • Instagram is best for sharing photos and videos with your followers in an aesthetically pleasing way. 
  • LinkedIn is a good place for professional connections because it allows users to connect with other professionals through business-related groups or by sending messages directly from within their inboxes (similar to email). This makes it easy for travel agents who specialize in luxury travel to find potential clients who have similar interests!
  • YouTube has been around since 2005 so there’s no doubt that this site has been around longer than any other social media platform out there today! That being said though; if you’re looking at starting up new channels within this space then be sure not only, they include quality content but also consider how often they’ll update over time too as these things tend both positive & negative effects on traffic levels respectively.”

Create an Instagram Account

The first thing to do is create an Instagram account for your travel agency marketing. This can be done by going to the app store on your phone and searching for “Instagram.” Once you’ve downloaded it, sign in with your username and password and then create a business account by clicking on the gear icon at the top right corner of your screen.

In order to make sure that people know this is a professional account, make sure that all of your profile information is accurate: use an appropriate business profile picture (this should be clear so people know who they’re following), write a description that includes relevant keywords such as “travel agency,” include links to other social media sites where clients can find reviews about how great their services were (such as Yelp!), add any hashtags related specifically towards what type of service(s) offered by this company so users interested in those topics will see them easily when searching through posts made by other travelers who’ve used them before!

Travel Agency Marketing Create a YouTube Channel

The first step to creating a YouTube channel is choosing the right name. This is important because your name will be what people search for and it will be the first thing they see when they visit your channel. You should pick something that reflects who you are, but not too long or complicated so people can remember it easily.

Next, choose some categories that best describe what kind of videos you’ll be posting on YouTube. For example: travel and tourism; business management; marketing strategy (there’s no limit here!). Then create an account by clicking on “Get Started” under “Create Channel.”

Once this is done, it’s time for some fun! Go ahead and start uploading content from scratch or repurposing existing footage into new formats using editing software like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Use Video to Boost Social Media Exposure

Video is a great way to promote your travel agency and attract new customers. It’s also an easy way to get more exposure on social media, which is one of the most important platforms for marketing travel agencies.

If you haven’t already started using video in this way, it’s time for you to start! Here are some tips:

  • Use videos as part of your marketing strategy. Create fun or interesting videos that showcase what makes you unique as an agency; these can be used on social media or posted directly onto Facebook or Instagram pages.
  • Make sure all videos have captions so they’re accessible by everyone–not just those who speak English fluently!

Use Instagram Stories to Promote Offers and Specials

Instagram stories are a great way to promote offers and specials. They’re easy to create, and they’re easy to share with your followers. If you have a video that could be relevant to the business, use it!

For example, if you have an ongoing special offer on flights from New York City to San Francisco, try creating an Instagram Story that promotes this deal by showing what travelers can expect from their trip (e.g., beautiful views of San Francisco Bay). This will help drive traffic back into the app where people can buy tickets for themselves or book other travel plans with your agency’s help!


The takeaway from this article is that it’s important to understand the differences between travel agencies and hotels, as well as how each type of business works. Your marketing strategy should reflect these differences so that you can reach your target audience effectively.